Thursday 9 August 2012

I Want I Need

I read a very interesting article in the newspaper a few days ago, and it was so relevant and applicable to what I’ve experienced.  

An article on ‘Wanting’ it starts out talking about how we fall prey to the mesmerizing advertisements and marketing gimmicks.  

Everything we see, somehow creates an instant need within to have that product, once we are hooked we will find a million reasons why we should buy the object of desire and will be convinced that it will change our life forever.

Have you ever looked at a dress, shoe, bag and said “WOW I MUST HAVE IT”

I’m sure if you are a woman you are nodding in agreement and if you are a guy and you are nodding then let’s just say your testosterone levels are extremely low.  

Now if you are smiling and thinking this article is describing me then keep reading on. It may probably help you become more grounded, less impulsive and save you a ton of money. You can show your appreciation by sending me a cheque. I will post my details later.

I am going to share some fascinating facts and tips I have learned over the past ten years. 
Shopping does make you feel better, but it is not therapeutic, so sorry for bursting your bubble.

The reason why you feel better is because you have fulfilled the desire of emptiness this feeling will last only for a short time and then the thrill of novelty is gone and you will probably need to go on another shopping spree to feel better again.

If you are feeling sad, lonely, or if you are just upset about something, shopping is not the answer. We spend a lot of money buying things we ‘THINK’ we need and they end up being stored somewhere in the back of our shelves.

Sales, discounts just lure us to buy things we don’t need. The clothes we wear or the branded gadgets and gizmos we flaunt do not define who we are.

We don’t become better than anyone if we have the latest gadgets or wear designer clothes. I know that most of you will read this and agree, but the moment you see a Louis Vuitton purse, a Gucci handbag at 70% off, or shoes in your favorite color at half price, you will forget everything I have just told you.

But for the few that do remember what I’ve written, ask yourself “Do I really Need this?” Now your heart will come up with a million reasons why you should have this and your head will also be swayed by the words SALE, 50%, 70% off.

But stop, wait, don’t be impulsive, ask yourself again and this time be really honest with yourself. You will realize that you do not need to buy anything.

If you still swayed and land up buying stuff and then later regret buying it, seek professional help.

Happiness cannot be bought and the things that we want are not what we really need. If we can learn to question our wants we will find happiness.

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  1. I have considerably cut down my shopping sprees sale or not and it does feel good to have money with me even at the end of the month :)
    I figured I am just a student living off parents' money so I could wait to splurge when I earn my own.. :)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  2. Thanks for reading my post, I really like the way you write.

  3. Hi James, I learn this long ago, the simple things are what really matters. Family, friends that are real not users. Life with someone you care about, love and that they love you in return. I would much rather give to someone and see the joy on their face than to receive. (I'm not turning away any gifts though, Just an FYI because it would hurt their feelings, : ) ) Your very funny, and I am enjoying reading your posts. : ) God Bless you James. Your Friend Sheri

    1. I know, write a poem of humor! I love to laugh, people love to laugh! you have great humor James, go for it, LOL Your friend, Sheri

    2. Hey have you ever listened to the band Plumb? They have some amazing christian music. They have inspired some of my poems. Listen to, In my arms, I need you now, Cut, Hang on, Beautiful history, I also Like Barlow Girl (Band) Never Alone, Oh wow so many great Christian bands, Fly Leaf, Laura Story, "Blessings" that's a great one, So many bands, not enough time, LOL If you can get K Love radio station you will hear some of these songs. : )

      Your Friend Sheri

  4. Thanks, I did download some music it was really nice :) Take care J