Thursday 27 September 2012


un Employ + Me nt

It's been two weeks since I quit my job and my quest to find another is daunting, however it’s also a blessing as I needed a break. I have kept myself busy by indulging in some photography planning exquisite trips and catching up on sleep.

Wow I didn’t really think two weeks of activity would fit in the 1st three lines. I guess I need to do a lot more if I need to turn this in to a story. So I will elaborate on why I quit, what happened, and what happened post leaving my job.

A lot of people ask me why I quit when I was doing well and why did I not wait to complete 10years in 3G / Hutchison 3Global Service, / Hutchison Global Service/Vodafone Hutchison Australia/Tech Mahindra. 

I could answer this really quickly but that would shorten my story so I’ll try and give you an in-depth insight into the certain decisions I had to make, now you may not really want to know why or couldn’t care less and if you feel that way you can stop reading right now. 

Ah! I see you are interested in knowing how my complex unique mind functions, how do I know this? It’s simple, you are reading this right now, and now you’re smiling, if your not, smile now; I don’t like being wrong.

I got through another paragraph just talking about absolutely nothing and here you are reading it, you are so kind. Ok, back to the reasons why I quit.

I wanted to do something different, I wanted to push the  boundaries of my  comfort zone and experience life. I felt I was being too safe, "career wise". I had never taken any risks and I was willing to fail. 

So I decided to quit and it was not an easy decision as I was doing really well, but I knew that if I wanted to experience life,  I would have to take a risk. I hate goodbyes and my team is well aware of it, so when I got to know that they were planning something for me I requested them not to make a fuss and let things be normal. 

Now I know that they really care, but I preferred a low key normal exit and the only way to achieve that was to keep people guessing when I was quitting. I had already served my months’ notice and I extended it as my manager requested me to stick around for a couple more days to see a project through.

This worked to my advantage as no one was really sure when I quitting so they couldn’t plan a surprise farewell party (evil laugh). The day before I quit my manager let the cat out of the bag and told them I was leaving so they quickly ordered ‘Biryani’ for lunch (my favorite).

One of the girls from my department got most the guys to write a note/message for me and pasted it on a heart shaped cut-out, that was really special, another guy (one of the funniest guys I have ever met) gave me Bourneville with a message stating that I had “earned it”
The last day was filled with exit interviews and I had finally quit. In the evening my manager called me up and asked me to come to work the next day to complete my exit with the GM of my department. I knew something was fishy as I had already had a long chat with him. 

I had not completed my exit formalities with finance and I had to go back to work, so I decided to play along and say that I couldn’t come. I could sense the anxiety in his tone when he insisted that I come to work the next day.

The next morning I woke up at 9am and was scheduled to go to the doc at 10am. My manger and the GM message me and asked me to come there by 11am, at first I told them I couldn’t make it and asked them to reschedule it, then I didn’t want to take the joke that far as I knew they had already made arrangements for my farewell so I went soon after my appointment and was there by 11:45am.

The room was decorated with balloons and all my peers and managers were there and it was nice at the same time very awkward. They created a video a very nice a sweet one and then each of them took turns to say something nice about me. It was really sweet and the guys who I worked with since the start could sense that. I’m glad it happened and I will treasure those memories. 

I wrote a poem just before I left and I guess that signifies how I felt in a couple of verses.

My time has come to say goodbye
Nine years and eight were great

I'm not sure what the hell I'm doing
But a missed opportunity is what I'll  hate.

Some cherish memories and friends I've made
I'd miss them when I go
My new beginning shall not be hindered
By this geographical divide I know

I'll keep in touch and I'm always there
An email, a call away
Just write me when you feel the need
Or call to say just 'hey'

It was hard to leave and take a break
But this is something I had to do
So goodbye, adios, so long, farewell
I bid adieu to you

Wow I’m impressed you are still reading, I thought I lost you back there, so now I will move on to what I have been doing post my temporary retirement.

I spent the 3days catching up on much needed sleep, I would wake up at two in the afternoon every day have lunch and then take another nap till six in the evening, I would later spend my time applying for jobs and updating my Facebook status and talking to friends the after a quick dinner back to sleep.

In the past week I have become more active and sleep only for 8hours and I have been indulging in photography shoots and also planning for a trip somewhere in Europe or the Far East, but those thoughts are on the back burner.

The plan is to go for a trip, see the world and post getting back, find a job. So let’s see where destiny takes me. I hope I do travel somewhere as I know I will definitely come back with a very interesting travel blog. Arrivederci till you read again.


  1. Hi James, It's Sheri again, I was right, your very funny, : ) I hope you get a chance to travel and see the world! I love photography as well. It must be our creative jean, LOL. Have you ever tried working for Wells Fargo? I know they hire all over the world. As well as many big corporations here in the USA. I'm a Behavioral Specialist with children, typical and special needs. I love my work, but it took me a long time to find the perfect job. I love to help people and children and love to go on mission trips to help others. Follow your dreams, find something you love and chase it, Find a job that will take care of your needs and fulfill your inner needs. : ) Your friend, Sheri

  2. Thank you Sheri, it was really nice to read your comments :)

  3. Any luck on the job hunt? I'll be praying for you. : ) Your Friend, Sheri

  4. Not yet still looking for a Job, But I am not really worried as I have planned for the next couple of months... I should get something by January. Thank you for all your prayers .. your friend James