Monday 22 October 2012

Free Time


It’s been 7 weeks and counting since I quit my Job. My search for rest, relaxation and recreation has been fulfilled and now it’s time I get back to work.

I have posted my resume to possibly every single recruitment agency and companies in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and other parts of India as well as overseas. I have applied for every possible job barring Driver, Watchman, Cook, Dhobi-walla, Doodh-walla, Kachara -walla, Fruit/vegetable-walla, and the other walla's. This however will be on my go to list if I do not get another job in the next 6weeks.

My resume has been shortlisted countless times, now that apparently is a good sign, companies’ feel that I have the skills that they need. I get calls from recruiters stating that an interview will be held shortly, another ray of hope to getting a job. However I have still not cracked for how long I need to wait for “shortly” to materialize.

Follow up sessions with these recruitment agencies only prove that I have received a ghost call. They are unaware that I was ever contacted, which leads me to believe that I am either delusional or they are inept, I will go with the latter.

I seem to have the same response with women, I get positive vibes and for some reason even before the dating starts I'm struck off the list, hmm mm I'm not complaining but wondering if there is some reason why this happens.

So the search still continues with regards to a job. In the meantime I have so far clocked over 500+ hours (42%) on beauty sleep, which I might say has had absolute no effect on me. I am starting to doubt that theory. I still look the same when I worked for 10hrs straight.

I spent the other 58% of my time watching movies, reading, eating, socializing, writing, indulging in some photography, shopping and attending to personal hygiene.

I wanted to travel abroad and even made plans however whenever I plan the trip never materializes and being an Indian is of no help either, now don’t get all patriotic and start fuming or bring out the ‘James Go Back’ placards. My irritation is justified as getting a visa is almost impossible when you are unemployed.

I owe these liberal visa laws to my so called All Indians are my brothers and sisters who live illegally across the world and create a nuisance when they are abroad. Thanks to them it’s so easy to get a visa. I am being sarcastic, just in case you didn’t get it.

So I am at home right now and I am still enjoying the ‘free time’ at the moment. I am not panicking right now as I have given myself 6months /24weeks to find a job. Panic is due in another 6weeks. So till then Adios.


  1. Hi James, It's Sheri from I decided to look you up. I wanted to tell you I think your very talented, always seek God in all your decisions, Your handsome and have many things to offer to a woman and a job. I know you have said you are Indian, and I'm wondering if you know of Jesus? He is my savior and guide in all I do. I felt the need to reach out to you, to tell you how wonderfully made you are, God brought you through cancer, he will bring you through so much more in life. He has for me, what I have suffered is nothing compared to what he suffered to give us a chance at eternal life. Anyway, I just wanted to reach out to you, I hadn't seen you on lately, or maybe your on when I'm not, LOL. I live in America, but I have also lived in Japan, and many different states in America, North Carolina, South Carolina, California and Iowa. I hope you will be encouraged to write more poetry, and thank you for reading so many of my poems. Your Friend, Sheri

  2. Hi Sheri,
    So nice to hear from you, thank you so much for your kind compliments
    I am catholic, yes I do believe in Jesus. :)
    I guess I have writers block. I will write soon. Thank you again
    James :)

  3. I'm happy to see you went to review all my poems! : ) You have great talent, You need a muse to inspire you to write. I hope you can find something inspiring that is close to you. You have had many experiences, draw deep, pull from your dreams. I can't wait to see what you write! : )

    Your Friend Sheri

  4. Thank you so much Sheri :) yes I will write soon.