Wednesday 24 October 2012

Want Less Love More

I have reached that point in my life, where I feel, or rather believe that I am very close to possibly attaining Nirvana and I'm not talking about the rock group.

I feel a sense of fulfillment and I believe that I can clearly distinguish between my wants and needs, well most of the time.

A wise person once told me that to seek happiness; you need to isolate yourself from things, that you may believe will bring you happiness or don't let your happiness be attached to people or objects.

Once you learn to be happy devoid of these things, you will be truly happy. This is all still work in progress and I know with a lot of focus and determination I will achieve this soon.

At the moment I ‘Need’ a job, to sustain a living and run a household, other than that I don't really need anything else.

As far as relationships are concerned, I'm open to possibilities but I'm not going to look out for them. In the past few weeks I've learnt a lot about life.

As humans we all want better things in life, no matter how much we may have currently, it’s never enough. We are tuned to seek better deals both in our professional and personal lives.

We are all so busy in looking for more money, a better house, car, phone and clothes, that we forget that this will only bring temporary happiness.
Now generally most people look for aesthetically appealing mates. Now I know that some of you may not agree, and say it’s the nature of a person that one is drawn to and I would agree to some extent, but the fact is women are drawn to rich successful, good looking men and men are just drawn to good looking women.
Well I know that once you meet a person you will look for other qualities and not all people are shallow and will go for the beautiful / handsome and rich factors, however our society is selling something different in their matrimonial columns.
In most cases our matrimonial columns sends subliminal messages when they advertise using key words like fair, tall, beautiful, rich, MBA,  Green Card Holder and well settled. You will never see a column with very sweet and kind, pleasing personality however she/he is short, fat, and is from a middle class family
Marriages are become a marketing strategy in which the bride and groom are the products that need to be sold. Another factor of the whole marriage charade that makes my blood boil is the fact that educated people still follow the dowry system.

Now most will not admit it, but disguise it under the pretense of custom, tradition, or just say that they feel like giving the grooms family gifts or the other way around.
Well I could write about how I hate the very act of this gift giving, trade off, groom and bride selling event, however I will leave that for another blog.
I conclude this post stating that most of us derive our happiness from attaining objects, status, people and not from living and experiencing life.

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