Saturday 12 April 2014



It's election time and I am excited to vote. It is a tough decision to pick the best candidate, because each one is far better than the rest. The pre-election debates and speeches have left me awestruck and I am befuddled by the wide choice of supremely intelligent, articulate, progressive and honest candidates.

Each one is genuinely looking for the welfare of the public; their selfless act to stand for elections to make a difference is commendable. Only a few such heroes step up and take charge to make a difference for the better. Money and fame is the last thing on their mind, it is these qualities that confuses me when picking from a bunch of 'Angels'.

The crime rate has dropped over the last few years and women are a lot safer now. A few men have made mistakes and for that they need to be taught a lesson. I would recommend that they should write a 100 times that they need to respect women and that they are sorry for what they did. I am sure such a punishment is more that suitable for a small petty mistake.

How can you blame such people ? Everyone makes mistakes and to give them a harsh penalty like death is terrible. I agree with some of our learned leaders running for election, it is also the woman’s fault for being raped. The so called victims are physically present in front of such innocent men. How can you blame a guy for not acting on his natural animalistic urges.

If a woman feels she is going to get raped, she should run faster, or call them brother or try to reason with them and most of all it is her fault for being born a woman. 

In the Delhi rape incident or the Kamla mills incident, it was the woman's fault. It is always the woman's fault. These poor innocent men who were just minding their own business got excited because the so called victim was present at that time.

They committed a small mistake are made to pay so heavily. I also feel sorry for the people who are thrown into jail every day for committing petty crimes like murder, armed robbery, and terrorism. It’s not their fault that they had to kill someone; it is the fault of the other person who presented him/herself to be killed.

Yesterday, the media and a lot of people were angry with one candidate for saying that women who have consensual sex before marriage should be hanged. I agree with him, as it is wrong and these acts should be punished.

Condoms, birth-control and other sex pills should be banned. You should only have sex to procreate and nothing else, it should not be for pleasure. In fact any married person engaging in this immoral act should take written permission from the government. Like the archaic laws of the west "F.U.C.K" (Fornication Under the Consent of the King). This will be "F.U.C.G" (G - government).

All movies that show women in attire other than a sari or a salwar should be banded. Jeans are evil and all western wear should be banned. Only saris and salwars. Tube tops, spaghetti straps, summer dresses, etc etc should be banned. In fact all beauty products, perfumes should be banned, as women using them entice innocent men to look at them.

Women should also try and work hard to look unclean, disheveled, and down right ugly. She should not expose any part of her body. If an innocent man still rapes her. It is her fault for not trying hard enough to appear unavailable. 

Women under the age of 18 should not have cell phones, and once they turn 18 they should only use one in the presence of a family member (male). If she is out and that is not possible then she should only accept incoming calls from her family. Chats like FB, WhatsApp, BB, and Twitter should be banned.

We are a nation that doesn’t promote such vile and uncultured behavior. We need to protect our motherland from getting poisoned and tarnished by the evil, regressive and backward western ways.

I would also recommend that all foreign trips should be banned. We should shut down our airports to prevent any evil foreigners from coming to India and corrupting our poor gullible and innocent citizens. India should be cut off from the rest of the evil world. Our channel should only air, holy programs and the news.

Computers, the internet should only be used to send emails and all sites that depict women is clothes other than a sari should be blocked by the government.

If we get all this in place and adhere to it. Our country will be the greatest nation filled with only pure, broadminded individuals. 

If we still have men committing such petty crimes like rape. Hang all women!


  1. It sounds like Iran :(
    Free will springs to mind, we should all have a choice in how we dress and in how we portray ourselves in society, we are answerable to our actions only to God, not to man. 'Let he without sin cast the first stone'
    An eye opening read that makes the reader delve into morals, ethics and beliefs, held by select individuals. Very well written.

    1. Thank you Maria :) I just hope the new generation is not so narrow minded.

  2. I know it is sad, We have not yet gone the Iran way, but we are slowly heading in that direction. I hope some readers don't look at this post and miss the sarcasm. :P

  3. Either way, it will make people sit up and think so it's all good. I fear dictators will eventually control us all, it's very worrying.

    1. I do hope so, that people wake up and stop all this nonsense.

  4. Nice read Barnett. Well written. Good Job.