Tuesday 3 March 2015

Beef Ban


I am sure this idea of banning beef was given by a Cow. 

I do not know why some people are upset the government has banned the sale or consumption of beef. The article posted in the Indianexpress has given meat lovers the ‘mad cow disease’.

Now the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill that was passed when the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance was in power in 1995 only protects the slaughter of calves and bullocks, aren’t goats and pigs also animals. 

Why spare the goat and the pig? What about our feathered friends the chicken and duck? Let’s ban that too.
Why stop at this, ban the sale of onions, potatoes and other vegetables grown underground and let’s respect all religions.

It’s funny that the consumption or sale of beef carries a 5yr imprisonment and a 10,000 fine, whereas sexual harassment is only 2years in Jail.

We are living in a highly progressive corrupt free society, run by brilliant open minded, God fearing, honest people. 

It makes sense for these astute leaders to decide what we eat, see, wear and think, cause their decisions will bring our crime rate to zero.

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