Sunday 23 August 2015


                                         BE HAPPY

Happiness is what we all long for and work so hard to desperately achieve it. We link happiness to wealth, power, popularity/fame and achievements. Although the following does give one the feeling of elation it is not the purest form of happiness, as it is dependent on factors that if removed from our lives will cause the opposite of happiness ie: despair.

The true and purest form of happiness lies within us, waiting to be discovered. There is so much we need to be thankful for but we take the little things for granted like the air in our lungs, the beauty all around us and our existence in the lives of other and vice versa.

If we focus on the negative aspects of our lives we will never be happy and will slowly but surely slip into resentment, despair and bitterness. Once this sets in, no matter what we achieve in life; we will always be looking for something more. 

"Happiness is appreciating what we have"

Happiness is contagious and we need to make it contagious by spreading it with others, through kindness, patience, understanding and helpful deeds.
It is achieved by making a positive difference in lives of others through our words and deeds. It is as simple as that. A simple compliment to a stranger can lighten up that person's day, Try it... it will make you as well that that person happy.

For those of you that have been on the receiving end of positive deeds, you will know. So appreciate the simple things in life and make someone smile each day. You will see that happiness come back to you ten fold.

Smile and make others smile and you will definitely be happy. 

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