Monday 12 October 2015

Look Within

I often get lost in thought while driving, especially in heavy traffic; it beats getting frustrated at a situation that you cannot change. A few days ago I was on my way home from work and I started thinking about my life; success, fulfillment, achievement etc.

I thought about all the could haves should haves, would haves and realized that I am what I am because of the decisions I did and did not make and I was happy. Sometimes we are so focused on the things we do not have that we do not appreciate the things we do have.

Most people go out of India for their Honeymoon; some exotic beach, or private island etc... A thousand + miles away from home. Many do not realize that India is incredibly beautiful and you do not need to jet off to a remote place to spend quality time, unless you fear of being stalked by some nosy relatives or friends.

There are plenty of beautiful places untouched by man in India, you just need to look for it and Google helps.

Looking within oneself is something that is seldom done and we are constantly craving, yearning for something that we feel is better.

Some people are never happy with the way they look and no amount of exercise, diets or wardrobe changes will meet their expectations. The same principle applies to earnings. I have met very few people who are content with the amount they earn and are truly happy with their job. The rest are always looking for a better pay packet, a better job, a better life.

The hardest part is knowing when enough is sufficient. We spend a good part of our life working (Slogging) to achieve riches, fame and security in all aspects of life and we do it at the cost of our health.

By the time we have "Enough" we are too old to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Most people who amass incredible wealth die using less that twenty percent of it.

My advice is to save for a rainy day and not a level 5 hurricane. Look within, enjoy life to its fullest and be happy with what you have. You only live once so make it count.

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