Sunday 28 May 2017

I am ME

I type incoherently at my keyboard words spew out with gay abandonment, I write every morbid thought my overly active crazy mind can imagine, my unfettered thoughts flow disdainfully unaffected by what my readers think or feel about me.

My thoughts are not my feelings, it's just an expression of all the garbage my overly active mind has accumulated. The putrid, vile and morbid words you read are etched only online.

I cleanse myself and keep my mind clear.I keep my head and heart empty so it can be renewed with a sense of joy and happiness I long for. I am a vessel, a reflection of your actions or inaction's.

I try to give more than I get and I believe that life always balances the good with the bad. I don't fear death but I wouldn't send it an invitation. When my time comes I shall embrace it.

I have loved and lived an incredible life. There is possibly so much more I need to do and see and I will, if time permits.I attain a cathartic release through poetry and my blog, My caustic words and violent rage run amok not in my heart but on my page.

I type these thoughts to heal myself and exorcise these demons. My prevarication is a form of defense, I am reticent yet expressive, my evocative posts are filled with inexpressible nostalgia.

I leave you to accept me for my idiosyncrasies. I am what I am, unabashed and free, my writing is esoteric. I rid myself of megrims and my unintentional, careless melancholic thoughts. 

Life in all its splendor can and will be experienced once you cleanse your mind and soul. It waits patiently to be invited.

Herald the grand opening and make way for the things to come, we will no longer live in darkness, it's time to invite the sun.
It’s just a Creative form of expression / writing ... Don't read too much into it.


  1. One of your best write ups Jamesie. It's almost poetic in its construct. Keep wearing your heart on your sleeve, or should I say - on your page, my dear friend.