Thursday 15 June 2017

Gastronomical Idiosyncrasies and the X files

People have often asked me about my food habits and I have either directed them to a detailed list of the things I eat, click here --> THINGS I EAT and HOW OR  I have referred them to the No touching Brumotactillophobia post I wrote a couple of years ago. Link: Brumotactillophobia

I however have failed to mention a very important caveat in this whole food conundrum. I do eat everything on the list I have provided, however the way I eat is what I have failed to mention, this leaves the people who wish to bring me some food stumped when I tell them I would not be able to eat what they bring, although it is something that I had mentioned on the list.

I am a 100% sure that you are either confused or have the Oh! Heavens expression, So if you are brave enough to understand what I mean and wish to read further …or let me put it into context, if you have absolutely nothing to do in life and my post is the only source to kill time, post counting the spots on the wall, watching paint dry or waiting for a 3GB file to download on a 256KBPS connection, you may read on at your own risk. (Disclaimer made, I am safe).

I have certain rules I follow, and if you need to understand WHY or how did I come up with such rules, you will have a better chance getting the exact date the universe came into existence, or have all the answers to the following questions. Click on the link Unexplained Files

My name would have been at number 1, however not many readers get past the 1st paragraph to care to vote for me. I have now managed to get through 3 paragraphs without explaining anything much like our revered leaders on our planet. So getting back to the rules that I follow, there aren’t many but it’s something I live by.

  1. I love home cooked meals and those meals need to be had only at home. This means that if you have prepared something that I love and you pack it in tiffin, I will not eat it, WHY? – No reason. However there is hope, if the meal is packed in a tiffin or a container and I do not see it packed in a tiffin and that meal is now unpacked and served to me on a plate, I will eat it.
  2. I will eat food packed in a container if it brought from a restaurant - Not Logical, doesn’t support point number 1, I know.
  3. If great food is cooked and it is then put into the fridge, I will not take it out from the fridge and reheat it. Once it goes in, it goes in and never comes out. However the same loophole is applicable, I will eat it if it is given to me.
  4. I rarely eat left over food that is parceled at a restaurant. I need to be in the mood to eat it.
  5. I do not drink liquor but I love liquor chocolates.
  6. The rice that is cooked should not be sticky or lumpy. I like the grains separated.
  7. Meat should be soft, and not chewy.
  8. I hate the fat on meat and the skin on the chicken, it should be removed completely.
  9. I will clean my plate and my fork at a restaurant or any place outside my house.
  10. I dislike drinking any beverage in a glass; especially outside and I would prefer drinking it directly from the bottle.

So the top 10 things that are pretty annoying, however I do occasionally make exceptions to rule numbers 1,2 and 3, when and why do I do it, is something only God can explain.
If you have met me and have noticed anything other than the rules I have mentioned do let me know so that I can help some people who care or dare to understand my illogical complex mind know me better.

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