Saturday 8 May 2021

Dr.D, the guard and the fly

The terrific trifecta superheroes have got my wife and I out of a jam on many occasions and I would like to admit that we’re not proud of resorting to such deceptive strategies; in our defence it’s one way of remaining sane as N keeps us on our toes all the time. I am not sure about B, but I for sure have self certified myself as a professional ballerina. Kids are way smarter than we think and currently N is making 700+ synaptic connections per second, so it won't be long before she calls our bluff. We need to be prepared and up our game, for now we are milking this until the cows come home.


Dr. D, is N's pediatrician and we’ve made her believe that he sits in our lobby with an injection, waiting to be called upon when there is an issue with lack of food consumption, when screen time gets to be excessive or toys need to be picked up. Video calls are also made to him, when there is a fuss created to hydrate; we use a picture off the Internet. We almost got caught when N asked the doctor to clap for her, we were saved thanks to the sudden WiFi disruption caused by ‘The Guard’.

The Guard, is the security in the lobby and N believes he is in charge of the duration of time spent bathing/showering. He is also responsible for the sudden disruption of the WiFi.

The Fly, aka housefly, is the designated diaper inspector and makes its presence felt when diapers are not put on after a bath. Some habits are genetically encoded and she gets this from me. I’ve had my share of idiosyncrasies which drove people up the wall; my post “old man”, "Things I eat and how" are just the tip of the Iceberg, I guess what they say is true, what goes around comes around. Karma at its best.

I know that the D-day will come and we will no longer be able to get away with distractions and stories, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

B and I are still learning and we will probably make all the mistakes possible, for now we will use these superheroes to bail us out, in time we will have to stop outsourcing; replace the terrific trio and become the dynamic duo.

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