Sunday 2 May 2021

Wonder Years

This year my eldest sister who is 8 years older than I, will soon reach a significant milestone in her life. She gets highly infuriated when I mention her age and I, like any good brother would do, respect that and do not mention her age. This year I celebrated my 42nd birthday.

I am sure you've probably heard the phrase third time's the charm, which explains my parents quest for perfection and why they stopped trying, when I was born. If you ever ask my sisters, they will grudgingly admit, kneeling down with their arms outstretched praying for 'me'. This explains the immense love my sisters showered on me as a child.

To quote a few, my eldest sister just happened to role play a scene from a hindi movie and left me at the doorstep in the neighbouring building or how I was accidentally dropped a couple of times or the time, in the guise of giving me a haircut my eyebrow was 'accidently' snipped off. I am not saying these were attempts to get rid of me, I am just pointing out sheer string of coincidences that point to that train of thought.

Being the only boy was like being the only child as I was way younger than my sisters. I however was included in some of their games and I got to play several important leading roles; like the detective dog in Famous Five, the beggar child and a lamp post. I also played the part of the errand boy and a walking uber for their friends when they had parties.

Mind you, on a few occasions, I have repaid the stoic spiritual sacrifice of my sisters by ensuring fame to my eldest sister by dressing up as Mary Lou Retton and performed a flawless somersault in front of her friends or the time I selflessly allowed my other sister, the one who is not light-years older than I, to read my college classic literature books. She was so grateful that she gave me her limited stock of bendy straws and blank cassettes. I deny any mention of a barter system involved.

I also splurged my hard earned shady sticker business money on a delicious Chinese meal and monster chips, which was highly appreciated, consumed with delight and then spewed moments later. I was appalled and tried to extort a refund, as she did not care to hold it down until it was digested. The fact that she was seriously ill was irrelevant at that time.

Over the years my relationship with my sisters has improved considerably; I say this with conviction as I am still alive. My eldest sister who is still 26.3 years on Mars and has become wiser and more spiritual and my other sister has become a multi skilled, meticulous, talented mother. I for one will always be a reminder that God does have a sense of humour.

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  1. Let's not mention her age as she's 8 years older but let's mention yours instead...Was laughing all through 😂😂😂