Friday 10 March 2017

After the Storm

I lay motionless staring into emptiness, I've lost track of time. My mind wanders the now blank and scarred recesses of my soul. I'm suddenly jolted into reality by my alarm clock.

I scramble to my feet and try and get a hold of my bearings, dazed and still reeling from the aftermath, I look at my phone... It's 4am. I can hear the echo of silence, everything I had and all that I had planned and dreamt about was lost in an instant. Was this a dream? Or was this really happening?.

I try to fathom the reason why war was waged upon my peaceful soul. What triggered such a catastrophic event? Why now? And Why ME? - These questions all had answers that I was unwilling to accept.

Pieces of my soul lay strewn across a million miles of memories that I had so carefully built over the years, and every fiber of my body ached. My head was ringing and the memories of the past whizzed through; flashes of significant events rose, crumbled and fell before me.

I was comfortably Numb!

I was now left to pick up the pieces of my life one bit at a time and try and rebuild it with whatever I could find. Parts of me were swept away by the storm and are now forever lost. I'm now inured to the pain I feel.

The storms of the past have taught me to fortify and strengthen myself. I had let my guard down as I believed that nothing could ever go wrong, I felt invincible, so secure and powerful, as I had never experienced such comfort in my life before.

I felt that the worst was over and I would only see clear blue skies and rainbows. My arrogance was reined in and subdued.

Was it fate that dealt a cruel blow, or was it my own actions or inaction's that cause this cruel carnage? The answers are irrelevant, as I need to face reality and deal with this in the best way possible.

I am not the same person I was before; I'm highly guarded and very alert. I'm building a fortress that will be impenetrable. No longer will I wear my heart on my sleeve.

The world around me has changed and I've adapted to survive.

As I nurse my shattered heart back to life, I hear a faint ring that gets louder and louder, the ring is now deafeningly loud. I'm jolted awake, I look at my alarm clock it is 4am and everything is fine.

The nightmare has passed.

Creative dark writing attempt 1. I'm fine and well, this is just an exaggeration of an insignificant experience, just wanted to try a new form of creative writing, so don't over analyze things. All is well.

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