Tuesday 8 January 2013




Stupidity should be mind-numbingly painful and this will cure the world.

Asaram Bapu a self-proclaimed God man, recently made a statement that the Gang rape victim was also to blame…YES you read it right. He went on to say that the victim should have pleaded with the rapist and should have tried to evoke their inner conscience and request them not to rape her. Now SERIOUSLY, do you think the victim did not plead while she was brutally raped? Does he think she just laid there or encouraged this depraved behavior?

I highlighted a few words in my previous passage, pleaded and inner conscious, the scum who raped her didn’t have an inner conscience, they wouldn’t listen to her pleas. Asaram Bapu has power; a lot of people revere him and with great power comes great responsibility. By making such statements he is causing more harm to his followers as they will believe that they are invincible by just chanting hymns. 

What surprises me even more is that one of his followers Neelam Dube, a devotee of Asaram Bapu a woman supports his views. She says if the girl had taken spiritual guidance all this could be avoided.

The sad part is that, Asaram Bapu, firmly believes what he says and he has no clue on the impact it has created on the nation. He is probably living in la la land and is delusional of what is happening around him. His devotees are brain washed into believing anything and everything. They in turn with pass on these same illogical suggestions to their children.

Honestly I would be pleased if such a world existed, we wouldn’t need a police force, security, or jails. No one would try and harm you. We wouldn’t need to defend our country or even lock our doors, well thinking about it we wouldn’t need locks of any kind.


  1. I am sure even an ass has more sense

  2. True to an extent. Why our desi Media does not make similar hue and cry in our 'Brave Jawan's' death by our enemy soldier. Does the women in the country will have liberty once the country is captured by savage masters like Pakistan or China. Is not it a more serious issue than the local crime issue, desi media is highlighting since last 2-3 fortnight. I wish we are once again slaved by much savage culture (of course China/Pakistan) than Angrej. Then girls will probably visit fearlessly to PVR???

  3. We know only what is reported, it is sad that we do not hear about the heroics of our brave Jawans that keep our country safe each day.

  4. heh! nice one! we should all go around holding each other's hands and calling each other brothers. right, bro?

  5. yeah I guess that will make the life in general a lot safer :) lol