Saturday, 29 December 2012

16 Weeks

At 16 weeks, a baby is over 4.5 inches long from crown to rump, a baby's facial muscles are developed enough to grimace, frown, and make other faces in the womb.

At 16 weeks, I am still frowning and making other faces I learned as a baby, as I am still unemployed and the job hunt is pretty frustrating.

I can swear that when your on leave a week last only 4 days. You have your Monday, so that you know its the start of the week then before you know it is Wednesday and while your still trying to digest the fact that its already Wednesday, Friday has already made its self comfortable and the weekend lasts 24hrs. I

ts been 16 Weeks since I quit and I've gone through a quarter in no time. If you ever happen to meet me or speak to me, don't be surprised if all my conversations are peppered with topics on the economy, unemployment, and job hunt.

My family has stopped asking me questions as I have a standard request. I Need a Job. What do ya want for Christmas ? : I want a Job. I'm going out do u need anything ? : I Need a Job. Any plans for the new year ? : To get a job So how are you ? : Unemployed, I Need a Job.

I paid a recruitment agency to spruce up my resume and contact recruitment firms and companies. So I've explored I guess all avenues. With the US fiscal cliff teetering towards a collapse. The job market will probably get affected world wide. I just hope and pray I get a job before the market collapses.

I've begun to seriously consider becoming a delivery boy for a restaurant. I know bandra really well and I am sure I will speed up the delivery process for any restaurant. So currently all the bells and whistles are ringing and I'm almost in panic mode, but it will take another 8 weeks until I have to start selling stuff like a kidney, liver, car, clothes, movies. Etc.

if you are still reading this post you can either let me know if there are vacancies or wait for the BIG SALE and get a good bargain on a kidney.


  1. Boy o Boy...i dont know whether to laugh (though i already ROFL'd) or empathize(which m pretty good at) or applaud your writing skills (m already doing that)...You are in my mind and believe me no job has come through yet...i think you should considering earning through blogging...have you got the google ad's account? also look at freelancing options.

    1. Lol i've tried to get ad sense to accept my request, however each time I apply, I get a well drafted response that I don't meet the requirements. :). I would love to freelance. Not sure who

  2. To approach. :) thanks mate for looking out. My dad jokes n says I'm looking out so much. That I ve kept all the windows open :)

  3. What are you looking to do? Call me on 9820155505

  4. Hey Khushrav, I will call you today.