Wednesday 12 December 2012



I saw a friend’s status on Facebook stating that he went to exchange a shirt and bought 9 more. I could immediately relate to this. I have done many crazy things like this; I call it ‘shop-a-rush’

This impulsive desire to buy stuff while casually browsing or talking, walking, dreaming, driving, watching and the other ’-ings’ sends a normal, well-adjusted, level headed individual  into a must have mode.

Some of my shop-a-rush episodes date back to the 90’s, back then the condition was controlled by the lack of vitamin M. The intensity of the condition saw a steep rise once I started working. One of my 1st big ticket items that I bought impulsively was my bike.
I went to Kurla with a friend and in less than 5mins; I made the down payment and walked out of the Bajaj showroom.  Before I continue, let me point out that some men also like to shop and it’s not a ‘Girl Thing’ the only difference is I believe that most guys shop way quicker than women.

In 2004, I was a loyal customer of Dockers, but since the clothes were expensive I wouldn’t buy more than 2, but this all changed when Dockers had a 50% sale, I went into the store and got a pair of pants and a shirt, however the pant given to me was the wrong size. I went back into the store…

10mins later I walked out with 12shirts and 6 pants. I still have some of them with their price tag on.

A couple of years later, my sister asked me to get her the sound of music DVD, So I went to town Planet M and got the DVD and was heading home, I stopped in Bandra to get something to eat and I then waked into an electronics store I think it was Metro, and I bought a new DVD player and a TV.

In 2009, I was on my way home from work and I walked into the Maruti Showroom to check the cost of a car, 10mins later I had booked my A-Star and 2 weeks I got my delivery.

Many years later, my dad wanted polish for his shoes and so we went to shoppers stop, we walked out of the store without the polish but with 4 pairs of shoes.  

So the above incidents of shop-a-rush are related, clothes + clothes, DVD + DVD player + TV, Shoe polish + shoes, intent of buying a car = Buying a car however sometimes it may not be related.

My sister asked me to get her some chocolates from Theobroma (Bandra) I got the chocolates and then decided to go to Croma and low and behold an LED TV.

At that moment when you are in the store it makes perfect sense to make that purchase, sometimes you look back and say I didn’t really have to get that right now.
Shopping I do believe is therapeutic however it needs to be controlled. 

As I write this I am looking at a box packed 32GB pen drive and about 20 packed movie DVD’s  and wondering why did I have to buy it at that time.


  1. You did not! (Gasping in shock)

  2. No I didn't buy it now I got it a couple of months ago. I've got plently of movies still in its casing

  3. I can so relate to this. I went shopping the other day, and while I got what I needed, I walked out with like, 30 items that I knew I didn't need, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Haha, great post

  4. I am now trying to test the limits of my shopping spontaneity. Getting bolder with each purchase.