Friday 7 December 2012

My 1st Love

Date:-13 July 2005, Time: - 15:59:21 Seconds… It has been 3 Years 2 Months 9 Days, 3 Hours, 12 Minutes and 2 Seconds and counting…since I first dated her. I would not call it love at first sight, but I had seen her, a couple of years ago but I did not have the courage to approach her, nor did I have the money to entertain her. I got my first big break when I had joined a call center, the money was decent and that is when I realized that it was now or never. 

I went to kurla to meet her. I had gone with a friend of mine, as I was not too sure, what would happen. It was precisely 7:30pm, we finally met her and we were on our way home when she got upset and refused to talk, after a lot of coaxing, and questioning we found out that she needed something to drink as she was very tired, so after a quick refill, we went to my place.

She has always been a little moody, but I guess you can expect that, from any girl (No offense to the women), she was a bit possessive, and would refuse to speak or interact with any other guy, unless I was around, or if I had introduced her to him. I could not complain I rather liked that.

I still remember when I went to Australia last year, she was so upset when I got back, because I did not let her know that I was not going to be with her for 3 weeks, nor did I ask about her. I guess I took things for granted. I can still remember the day as it was yesterday, she was so angry, it made Mount Etna seem like a minuscule spark. She just refused to speak to me for days. I bought her gifts, but it was of no use. Nevertheless, I knew that in her heart she loved me. A week later, after apologizing a million times, she finally relented.

We were back, since that day I have never neglected her. However lately, I have got bored and I guess the spark in our relationship needs to be rekindled. So this Saturday I am taking her to the Kawasaki Bajaj Auto Center in Kurla to give her a complete makeover.

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