Friday 7 December 2012


Appreciation, acceptance, and to be valued are some of the intrinsic needs of every human being.

We all want to be accepted, valued and appreciated; it gives us a feeling of self-respect and a feeling that we are worthwhile. Acceptance means we can be ourselves. We all have room for improvement, we have the potential to grow as socially well adjusted individuals, however when someone accepts you for who you are, that growth is not forced upon you. 

The potential to develop and do well can be either suppressed or encouraged by the people we surround ourselves with, therefore it is very important for us to surround ourselves with people who will help us grow.

Being coddled is the opposite of acceptance, not expecting anything form a person is tantamount to killing him. People who do not get acceptance will seek this acceptance through various means. 

This innate human desire to feel loved and appreciated sometimes rears its ugly head.

The pompous friend or colleague has probably never been accepted and thus feels the need to seek this grandeur by boasting.

Some on the other hand are eager to please and will do anything and everything to be liked by everyone. This stems from a feeling of insecurity.

My advice is to you is pick your friends carefully, introspect and get in touch with your feelings. 

Learn to love yourself, not don't get any kinky ideas, I am referring to self love, that is treating yourself with the same respect, compassion, tolerance, and generosity you would shower on a very close friend.

Trust your own feelings, Self-worth requires that you learn to listen to and rely upon your own feelings and not automatically respond to the feelings of other people. Learn to draw the line when you feel uncomfortable, this will set the boundaries, it helps identify what works best for you.

Make your own decisions, if you let others make a difference you will automatically start to rely on what others think. Your life will be run by people who will make decisions for you. Now you may have selected people who are only looking for your best interest and the decisions that they have made for you has always been good. However once these decision makers disappear, you will be left alone and indecisive. 

Value yourself and your time and don't judge your self-worth by your financial status. It's important to introspect and be the best that we can be and not live life based on what others think we should be.

Power to You :)


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